What our clients say about Plan H

Karen Schranz

In 2013 I set myself a New Year’s resolution to lose 10 kilograms and failed. This year, I set myself the same resolution. I enrolled in Plan H in February and I’ve already succeeded in fulfilling it.

I first heard about Plan H on Facebook and it sounded like the perfect plan.

The beautiful thing about Plan H is that it makes a very challenging and difficult task easy: I have never lost weight in such a pain free manner.

The most difficult part of dieting I find is preparing low-calorie meals when I have a family of five to feed. The fact that three delicious meals plus a healthy snack are delivered to my door punctually each morning completely eliminates this problem.

Astrid-Marie Giordano

A BIGGG THANK YOU for this fruitful opportunity! It was a pleasure to kick-start my healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Plan H, I have disciplined my cravings and I also learnt that I can still eat tasty food which is not too calorific. Today, I ate my yoghurt 'n prunes instead of a piece of nutella cake which was available at my workplace! I feel really good about it  Perseverance is the key!

Although it is my last day Plan H-ing, I still would like to remain part of this forum please. I feel determined now to start preparing my own food following your recipes and healthy tips! I wish you all well x x x 

Sue Sultana The Happy Baker

I found Plan H very convenient especially during my extremely busy baking periods when I would not have time to think of what healthy food to cook or shop for, over all the food was good and tasty. Wish the carbs were slightly less, I'm used to eating less carbs, but I'm not complaining here... just my way of eating.

Most importantly I learnt that when portions are controlled and you give your body enough time to tell you it is satisfied, you really don't need to eat any more.

Alan Pace

personal trainer with 20 years experience and Managing Director of Kinetika, National Pool Complex, Tal-Qroqq

You may picture the battle to lose weight and lean down as a life consisting of green tea, unpleasant cardio and protein shakes, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Eating prepared food puts you in a better mindset with regards to eating, it’s easier to turn down something that you know is bad for you if you know you’ll be having a nice cooked meal in a couple of hours.

One of the reasons that many people have gained weight is due to the portions they eat. They are much larger than necessary. Plan H have created the appropriate amounts for you eliminating unnecessary food intake.

Restaurant and other commercially prepared foods are notoriously high in fat, salt and sugar. These foods are fine as an occasional indulgence or for a special occasion, but not healthy as a regular diet. Plan H meals helps train your palate toward a healthier choice. More meals cooked and eaten by Plan H at home may help trim the national waistline and turn the tide on the obesity epidemic.

Plan H come highly recommended – good nutritious food, right portions and just the right amount of calories. Thumbs up!



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