Sample Weekly Menu

Menus change weekly. All food prepared fresh daily.


Breakfast :Mushroom frittata
Snack: Mediterranean picnic box tomatoes, cheese and olives
Lunch: Tomato mozzarella and couscous salad
Snack: Energy nugget
Dinner: Fish with spiced lentils


Breakfast :Spinach and ricotta frittata
Snack : Banana Bread
Lunch: Healthy meat loaf served with carrots and green beans
Sncah: Mixed nuts
Dinner: Hearty Mushroom soup

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with prunes
Snack: Artichoke dip with carrot sticks
Lunch: Chilli con Carne with brown rice
Snack: Dried apricots 6 and nuts
Dinner: Salmon Fish cakes with green salad

Breakfast: Mushroom Frittata
Snack: Fresh fruit salad
Lunch: Pumpkin Biryani
Snack: Hummus dip with cucumber and celery sticks
Dinner: Roasted sea bass


Breakfast: Raisin and walnut oatcakes
Snach: Strawberry Smoothie
Lunch: Roast vegetable and quinoa salad
Snack: Healthy Plan H Popcorn
Dinner: Salmon with spinach

Breakfast: Banana Smoothie
Snack: Yoghurt dip with carrot sticks
Lunch: Stuffed Zucchini serve with roast potatoes
Snack : Plan H home made Flap jack
Dinner: Healthy chicken balti with basmati rice

Breakfast: Glazed pineapple with Greek yoghurt
Snack: Almond and ricotta cake
Lunch: Grilled fish peperonata
Snack: Prunes with walnut halves
Dinner: Greek wholemeal pasta salad


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